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Thread: What are your lo's eating???

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    We did black-eyed peas last night...HUGE hit!! Woohoo! I prepared them with a soup bone (i used lamb), garlic and shallots.

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    Age: 9 months and 2 weeks (4/12/06)

    First food: bananas.

    What he eats:

    sweet potatoes
    squash (different varities)
    pumpkin (LOVES this)
    green beans
    lima beans
    black eyed peas
    roast beef
    carrots (only when hidden in with something else, HATES them on their own)
    Rice and chicken cassarole
    Wee-Wah stew (our own invention, don't ask about the name) ground beef, potatoes, carrots, peas and celery with veggie stock.
    Teething cookies (my own homemade recepie)
    Crackers (he likes ritz)

    We are going to introduce yogurt in a couple of weeks but other than that have advoided all dairy.

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    What an awesome thread!!! I feel like I run out of ideas and am feeding him the same thing all the time, some of your ideas were so great...but I have no idea what to do with a squash or how to cook it, help anyone?

    age: 12.5 mos
    started: 9 mos
    first foods: I dont really remember because we did the self feed method where we offered him what we were eating as soon as he could pick things up and he would just play with it...then one day he started putting it in his mouth and spitting it back out, then one day he ate it! I do remember him eating watermelon very early on and also sweet potatoes and prunes (loved those!).

    Other foods:
    Kashi O's*
    Apples*(sauce too)
    (just recently-loved em!)
    Pineapple! (loves it!!)
    Strawberries (I heard after the fact that berries arent good because of
    allergies or something, but he absolutely loves berries and there have been no side effects)
    Blackberries (he eats these frozen! )
    Ground beef
    Ground venison
    (loves it!)
    Chicken (has a hard time chewing it)
    Salmon (tonight for the first time, loved it!)
    Green beans
    (uncooked, cooked, pureed, soup, pasta sauce, etc)
    kale (I chop it up and cook it in the ground meat and he loves it)
    Corn (I make corn bread and he likes that)
    Romaine lettuce (devoured it the first time, hasn't touched it since )
    Broccoli (picks at it)
    Brown rice
    Wheat pasta

    And tons of other stuff, but those are the things he eats the most! We have a really hard time getting veggies into him so tonight we bought this new V8 Fusion juice that 100% juice with no sugar added to it and each 8 oz glass is 4 oz of veggies and 4 oz of fruit. We bought the tangerine one that has sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, yellow tomatoes, tangerines, pineapple, and white grape juices. He LOVED it!!! (and i didn't think it was so bad either )

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    Melanie, what kind of squash, specifically?

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    Great thread

    How old?
    10 months 1 week 3 days

    When did you start?
    5 months 1 week (approx). I gave her small helpings of rice cereal, but it was not a consistant thing (every other few days or so). She just appeared very ready, and she took to it like a champ. She really began at 6 months.

    First Food?
    Besides cereal, Pear.

    What else have you given?
    I switched from rice cereal to "organic oatmeal and rice" cereal (she loved it). I gave her all the jarred foods to try every 3 days. I started with fruits and veggies, then promoted her to meat. During that time aside from jarred food, she tried:

    HoneyDew Melon
    Sweet Potato

    I was a bit scared to try self feeding, cause her gagging scared me. So the first "hold onto" fruit I gave was a Pear in whole at 8 months where all she did was gum and scrape it with her two little bottom teeth. She loved doing this but I didn't introduce self feeding until almost 10 months.

    I started to notice her cereal and mushy jarred foods seemed boring, so I took the plunge almost all at once and began introducing "our" foods. To teach her to chew, I started with strands of spaghetti (hand fed). She did really well. I moved onto finger foods:

    little slices of pears
    slightly cooked apple slices
    slightly wet NutriO's
    little sliced banana chunks
    toast with a little butter or yogurt (but I hand fed her still)
    boiled eggs (yolk only)
    white potatoes
    carrots (well cooked)
    green beans (can- french style cut and spiced *melts in your mouth - she loves 'em)
    lil ones whole milk yogurt (assorted).
    Baby Mum Mum's
    Arrowroot cookies (not often, & hand fed)

    I'm not the type to buy weird vegetables and stick to the basics. Boring, but it works for us. With her two top teeth in, she looked so bored with her bland foods, so at a week before she turned 10 months I started mashing everything I cooked for dinner. She dove in like a pro, and we haven't looked back. Chicken is her favorite! I make dishes such as:

    spaghetti (pinch of sauce for her)
    chicken pies
    pork chops
    mac & cheese
    +always veggies included.

    and lots more I keep the spices to a minimum and mash everything with a fork. Being that our family dinners are different every night I no longer have the luxury to try certain foods every few days, but there is no history of allergies with any of us.. and so far, there have been no problems at all. She still eats her oatmeal and some jarred foods for lunch, and eats 3 meals a day plus snacks (dinner being the largest of meals as I still wish to breast-feed as much as she wants which is still alot). But I think the jarred food is finally phasing out of her meals as we explore new meals everyday
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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???


    How old?
    7 months next week

    When did you start?
    at 5.5 months he "stole" a banana from me and I think had some too. So I started to give a bit of banana in the am.

    What else have you given?
    pear- whole, very ripe. he kind of holds it by the sides and I hold it from beneath.
    apple - I usually grate it with a spoon and leave the grated bit on the apple so he can hold the apple (well, not quite )
    sweet potato - mashed
    carrot - very nice mixed with sweet potato
    orange - not sure I can give it to him but my health visitor said it's ok. He loves it so I give just a little bit.
    plain organic yogurt

    Great thread!!
    Thank you!

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    If you have a Trader Joe's nearby you can buy bags of butternut squash cubes that cook up in the microwave in 5.5 minutes. They are awesome. We also buy whole acorn squash, cut it into four pieces, scoop out seeds, and put into a shallow glass dish, skin side up, filled with about 1/4 cup of water. Cover in plastic wrap and put in the microwave for about 8 minutes or so. Then I slice off the peel and chop it into chunks.
    For Zucchini I chop it into chunks, season with herbs de provence and sautee in a little olive oil until soft. Same could be done with yellow squash.
    We love squash!

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    How old? 7 months

    First food ? DD stole a banana from DH at 5.5 months, but once it got to her lips she really wasn't into it, so waited 2 more weeks and offered rice cereal. DD does not seem awfully excited to eat food. She just tolerates it. She loves to drink though (just milk, not food), she gets all excited when she's about to nurse, drink from a bottle, she tries to drink out of my cup (which she absolutely loves to do)or even from a sippy cup.

    Tried: (nothing too adventurous yet)
    Sweet Potato

    I am really terrified of choking. When did you try cheerios (or the like)? She self feeds with a spoon.

    Great Thread, I love stealing other mom's ideas!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    If you have a Trader Joe's nearby

    Oh! Trader Joe's! I so miss Trader Joe's!!! There were several where we lived in Maryland...alas...no TJ's in TN!!! So sad!! I totally crave for the dark chocolate covered pretzels...and dark chocolate covered soy nuts...oh, the list goes on and on!

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    Quote Originally Posted by freeresponse View Post

    Oh! Trader Joe's! I so miss Trader Joe's!!! There were several where we lived in Maryland...alas...no TJ's in TN!!! So sad!! I totally crave for the dark chocolate covered pretzels...and dark chocolate covered soy nuts...oh, the list goes on and on!
    If I didn't have a TJ's I think I'd go crazy! We do about 60% of our weekly grocery shopping there. And not to make you too jealous, but... while we had to drive almost 15 to get to one where we used to live in AZ, here in CA we can walk there!

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