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Thread: What are your lo's eating???

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    Default What are your lo's eating???

    I feel like im always at a loss for the next 'good thing' to introduce to my lo...how about a running list, maybe we could get ideas from eachother?? the ones w *'s are our main staples

    how old?? 9 months 1 week
    when did you start?? 6.5 months
    first food?? avacado*
    what else have you given??
    lima beans*
    chick peas
    green beans
    sweet potato/white potato*
    o's soaked in bm
    scrambled eggs (no milk) (after MUCH consideration! lol)

    so far we have kept everything organic and used gerber for only the grn beans, pears and oatmeal...sweet potatos made ds really gassy and my mil gave him rice cereal once which also made him gassy
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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    how old?? 9.5 mos
    when did you start?? 6 mos
    first food?? avacado, sweet potato and banana (one each wk for 3 wks)
    what else have you given??
    Cheerios -his staple food
    applesauce (current favorite)
    green beans
    yo-baby yogurt (the soy one b/c he has a milk/casein allergy)

    Lucas is not a fan of any type of meat or veggie (besides sweet potato). Right now his faves are fruits and oatmeal.

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    Cool thread. We've been really slow with our foray into the world of solids (hence the thread I started ) but here's what we've done so far:

    how old?
    9 mos, 1 weekish (4/10/06)

    when did you start?
    I let my parents give dd some rice cereal at 5 months-ish because they really wanted to and physically, she was ready, so I indulged them. After that she didn't have food again until just over 6 months

    first food?
    Aside from the aforementioned rice cereal, avocado and banana (don't remember which one she actually ate first.)

    what else have you given?
    O's *
    Oatmeal *
    Plain Yoghurt
    Applesauce/steamed apples (mixed with either yoghurt or oatmeal)
    Crust from my bread
    Cheddar cheese (she was not a fan!)
    Matzah (she really liked it )
    ETA: Watermelon
    ETA: Zucchini
    tonight...Spinach! She was kind of confused by it, I think

    ETA: We are doing mostly self-feeding, with the exception of yoghurt/applesauce, and though we've offered all these things, some of them have only made it as far as a lick. Spinach was one of them, until I stuffed some in an O...heehee...sly mama.
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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    How old? 10 months

    When did you start? gave some rice cereal to see if she was ready to "swallow" just before 5 months... she did great, but then, after more research, we stopped the cereal and didn't offer her anything til 6 months

    First food? after the cereal episode it was banana

    What else have you given? (introduced a new food every 4-5 days over the last 4 months)

    Fresh foods:

    Steamed foods:
    *sweet potato
    *carrot (bothered her bum, so we stopped that one)
    *green beans (not a big fan)
    *yellow squash
    *broccoli (again, not a big fan)

    Cooked foods:
    *brown rice
    *pinto beans
    *rice cereal
    *whole wheat pasta (not so crazy about rotini; was okay with spaghetti)
    *whole wheat toast w/ a bit o' butter

    PrePackaged Foods:
    *colby/jack cheese
    *Purely O's
    *Rice Chex
    *mozzarella cheese/string cheese
    *unsweetened applesauce
    *YoBaby Banana yogurt
    *YoBaby Vanilla yogurt
    *Plain Whole Fat Yogurt (after I realized how much sugar was in the YoBaby brand, I bought some Dannon regular plain yogurt and give her 2 T of that and add about a teaspoon of the YoBaby in for flavor)
    *whole grain crackers (I rub off the outside of the cracker to get rid of as much salt as possible)

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    How old?
    Jaden is 9 1/2 months old (born on 4/5/6).

    When did you start?
    We first offered solids at just before 6 months, but she wasn't interested. We backed off but continued to offer, using some different things. Finally, around 7 1/2 or 8 months, she started to show some interest.

    First food?
    The first food we offered was banana.

    What other foods have you tried?
    Oatmeal- she hates it
    Banana- remains a favorite
    Pears- she doesn't like the texture
    Sweet Potato- also a favorite
    Carrots- she loves
    Green Beans
    Pinto Beans- she gags on
    Cereal Bars
    String Cheese
    YoBaby Yogurt

    She still doesn't like any of the green vegetables, but we continue to offer them. She used to eat them mixed with banana, but I guess she's figured us out now. Sometimes she'll eat them if I mix in some carrots. I'm also always looking for new things to introduce, but she seems to gag so easily, and when she does, she ALWAYS throws up. After that, she refuses to continue eating...
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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    cool! so i have a few questions

    blueberries....do you take them out of the skin? cut them in half? (thats what i do with lima beans and chick peas, just smush them out and put them on his tray)

    papaya...i know NOTHING about....how do you buy it? (like, avacado should be a little soft and you know its ripe) how do you serve it, and what does it even look like in the grocery store??

    ww pasta.....cut up? my dr suggested elbows....dr sears says spaghetti picking is fun....dr said dont do it....how about rotinis??

    spinach.....just steamed and cut up??

    chicken and turkey....shreds? or 'baby food'?

    and finally, for fruit, do you shave a little bit off?? i have only given him pureed baby food fruit... (we started with child led...but i was too freaked out too many times...for the most part i put stuff on his tray and he gets it in his mouth just fine even if he has to lick in off his palm!
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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    How old? 11 months

    When did you start? 6 months, didn't willingly ingest anything until 8.5

    First food? Offered avacado, then sweet potato and finally, desperately, brown rice cereal, only ever swallowed the cereal. First thing he enjoyed and willingly ate was butternut squash at 8.5 months.

    What he eats:

    butternut squash*
    sweet potato*
    Joe's O's*
    acorn squash
    apples cooked with cinnamon
    chicken seasoned with herbs de provence
    havarti cheese
    muenster cheese
    shredded cheddar cheese
    whole milk plain yogurt
    Thanksgiving turkey (during the short time that was available!)

    Things we've tried that he rarely eats or doesn't like:
    whole wheat pasta

    Things on the short list for introduction in the few couple weeks:

    green beans
    other beans (like white beans) for protein
    bell pepper

    Everything he eats is self-fed, including the yogurt. He's an independent little guy- who loves his veggies!

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    Current age: 7 months

    Started solids: around 6 months

    First food: banana (tried good old mashed banana first, also have had babyfood kind)

    Foods we've tried since then:
    Sweet potato (baby food and homemade)
    Rice cereal

    Table food:
    cauliflower (that was interesting)
    avocado (first time today at a restaurant; I had it on a sandwich and shared it with her )
    crusty bread
    steamed carrots (not a fan)

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    How Old : 9 months, 3 weeks

    When did you start: 6 months, 1 week

    First Food: Banana...we are doing baby-led and we gave him a big piece...he picked it right up and sort of nursed it! It was funny...he seemed to really enjoy it!

    What he eats:
    He LOVES: oatmeal, watermelon, cantalope, peas, carrots, couscous, brown rice, applesauce, plain yoghurt, pasta (whole wheat and brown rice), white potato, sweet potato, o's, banana, butternut squash, winter squash, zuchinni, summer squash

    He also eats: broccoli, cauliflower, chick peas, white beans, tofu (cooked and uncooked), whole wheat toast, hummus, avocado, apple, spinach, mushrooms, green beans, lentils, soba noodles

    Today we gave him cottage cheese for the first time and he loved it! He was so sweet picking up the little curds He's tried everything we've offered him and doesn't seem to have any great dislikes at this point. I have a mango ripening to try later this week. He is CRAZY about watermelon and cantalope and loves drinking water out of a cup.

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    Wow. We are really behind it seems. Partially because I am having a hard time finding good produce, so I just skip it and do bm instead.

    Age: 9 months
    First food: Banana

    What she will actually eat
    cooked apple
    cooked pear

    What we have tried
    sweet potato
    green beans
    white potato
    Plain yogurt with banana
    And a few various other things I can't think of right of now or family has fed her.

    My DS would eat anything when he was a baby and now is super picky. Mia won't hardly eat anything now. I am hoping she will also go the opposite extreme and like all kinds of things as a kid.

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