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Thread: LLL leader home visit?

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    Default LLL leader home visit?

    Is it OK to ask my LLL leader to visit me at home to offer some help and tips?

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    Leaders are not required to do home visits, but many will. If she cannot meet at your home, perhaps she would be willing to meet at hers or at an agreed upon location.

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    Many Leaders are willing to meet in person. If one can't, and you are in an area with several, try calling another. If you can be a bit flexible that will help.

    Personally, I am happy to meet one-on-one with moms, but I request to meet at my home. I have the means to keep my active 4 yo ds occupied at home, whereas if I take him to a home visit, I'll spend all my time chasing him and not helping the mom with the new baby!


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