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Thread: How soon did you start nursing in bed?

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    Default Re: How soon did you start nursing in bed?

    Wow! I am so impressed that you all could nurse lying down from the beginning. I tried it at first and it didn't work out well for us, but then I tried again it when my boy was around 4 months and it was a whole different story. As one of the pp said, my boy does all the work now! All I have to do is position the boob somewhere in his vicinity and voila! I don't think I could make it through the night without nursing on my side. It's a lifesaver.

    so if you can't figure it out at first, keep on trying!

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    Default Re: How soon did you start nursing in bed?

    I started sidelying with my first at 2-3 weeks. I didn't know about sidelying positions until then!

    With my new baby, I started right away. He nursed on the left in the football hold within 15 minutes of birth for an hour and then when we switched, I laid down and nursed for another hour before he fell asleep. Since he was 9 lbs, he had to have a glucose stick, and the midwife did that while he was nursing, and he didn't even notice.

    My midwife said at that time that she has a lot of first time moms who can't do sidelying right away since nursing is a learned skill and it seems to be easier to master when you have full mobility of your arms.

    From what I've seen, moms with small breasts and big babies tend to get it faster than moms with small babies and small breasts. Small babies and big breasts also seems to be a good combination.

    But I also firmly believe that anyone can learn to nurse laying down . . .and that it's a total lifesaver! I was exhausted with baby #1, and once I got sidelying nursing down, we started cosleeping, and I was able to catch up on my sleep debt. I've never been that tired this time around even with two kids and a PT job to keep up with thanks to cosleeping and sidelying nursing while Mom is asleep .

    I hardly ever bother with burping, only if he seems distressed and I can't find another reason.
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    Default Re: How soon did you start nursing in bed?

    i also used to lay austin on top of my ribs.....maybe easier because of small breasts?? but that was the very first way i fed him since i was numb and laying flat on my back!
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