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    Question OALD Question

    I think I have at least a mild case of OALD because DD has a tendency to start chocking during nursing. This morning, between both breasts, she began choking 3 times. I know some of the techniques to try to prevent it, just can't always do them.

    My question is, does a baby learn how to nurse such that OALD ceases to be a problem and cause choking? When might a baby develop this?


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    Some babies never become accustomed to the overwhelming amount of milk associated with overactive letdown. The key to managing it usually is to use the methods that work for you in order to decrease the amount of the letdown that she is getting. One big factor may be to concentrate on using one breast for several feedings in a row, then switching. Generally, mothers with overactive letdown should not worry about offering both breasts at a feeding as the baby will likely get mostly hindmilk. In the weeks to come, if you are nursing on your baby's cues and not pumping in between feedings, your milk supply will likely regulate. In the meantime, chances are, she won't "learn" to deal with it, and as long as she is getting that rush of milk, her choking reflex will likely continue to kick in. She also will likely have problems with her BMs and fussiness associated.

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    I have OALD in my left breast only.....when dd's ready to eat, I stimulate let down by hand and let the bursting flow slow down to something manageable, then I let her latch on.

    If I'm not too engorged, I'll let her latch on the left side...sometimes she can handle it, other times she chokes. I imagine it has a bit to do with the position of the nipple in her mouth (i.e. if the flow is going straight to her throat before it hits her tongue, this could promote choking). With that being said, I still haven't figured out how to properly position her to avoid that....so I just express a little by hand before the feeding and that eliminates the choking. You could also pump a little at first. Hope this helps.
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