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    Hi All

    My 2m/o dd, Mackenzie, has been getting painful gas, the mylicon drops help but it still causes her pain every so often. I've noticed that when she latches on, to breast or bottle, she ingests air. I use the Avent bottles.

    She's gaining weight fine and now that I've been giving the drops regularly she's sleeping so much better, thank goodness . This is my 2nd baby, 4y/o ds ,Rory, nursed till 1y/o with no problems so I'm at a loss as to what to do. She's gaining weight in 2mo she has doubled her birth weight and grew 4 inches so she's getting enough to eat.

    Any Suggestions? I'm at a loss.



    DS Rory 4 y/o
    DD Mackenzie born 11/8/06

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    Hi there
    If she's swallowing air while nursing, then she's probably not latched correctly. I hate to just send you on, but I'd strongly suggest you get ahold of a LLL Leader (see the link in my sig) or an IBCLC to help you evaluate your latch.

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    Thanks, I emailed my local and already got a response

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    i use dr. browns bottles....life savers...they have a small siphen in them to reduce almost all air intake that causes gas....awsome...i highly recommend

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