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    I have a 10 week old daughter who is a wonderful nurser. I am heading back to work soon, so we have introduced a bottle. I plan to nurse her as often as possible, and feed her expressed BM otherwise. I am working toward getting her on a routine so that my caregiver will have some guidelines as to when to feed her (the routine will be flexible and most important, she will be encouraged to look for my daughter's cues). Does anyone have experience with this? How should I proceed? Thanks!

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    Hi Reva'smom,

    I am glad that your daughter is a wonderful nurser. That is so nice to hear.

    About a schedule, one thing you could do before going back to work is to keep a log of feedings and naps for a few days. Nothing fancy, just approximate times that things happened (830 feeding left side, 9 am nap, etc.) A schedule may become apparent, one that you may not have noticed in the thick of things. That is what happened to me. Now I know my son prefers to eat every couple of hours and take naps sometime around 9, noon, and 5 (which is the timing of the classic rock blocks I listened to on the radio when he was in the womb. coincidence ?).

    This way you know your suggested schedule for the caregiver is based on your daughter's cues and preferences. Good luck with this and going back to work. Going back to work can be hard--feel free to post in the working forum for support if you need it.

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    I also have a 10 week old. He is has pretty much developed his own schedule. I am also faced with the same problem. I return to work in 2 weeks. My son nurses every 3-4 hours. I plan on leaving him with 2 4-4.5 oz bottles and maybe a smaller bottle (2 oz) incase he gets hungry before I can get to him if he's hungry or if he gets hungrier more often.
    I was fortunate to work out a schedule with my company where I am working from 9am to 4:30pm. My job is close to home so there might be days I could get home to nurse him instead of my husband giving him a bottle.
    I personally would not force a schedule-she will develop her own. Just make sure she has enough bottles according to how many times she will eat during the time your at work.

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