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Thread: breast as a pacifier??

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    Default breast as a pacifier??

    I went to see my obgyn today and she asked me if my 3 w/o son is using my breast as a pacifier. I didn't know how to answer. She asked because of the frequency of his nursing (every hour if he' s up- 2 if sleeping). He never really seems full for very long. If he's up he is rooting and crying and only the breast consoles him.

    He will not take a pacifier at all. He did when he first came home a little bit but hasn't in days.

    Do you just let him continuously suck anytime he wants even if it is constantly?

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    Yeah - my son used me as a pacifier. My daughter was a complete pacifier addict - she flat out loved hers and would spend all day sucking on it if she could. I nursed her as well, but she nursed just to eat, used the pacifier for comfort, she'd literally lay on my breast and suck on her "fier." She just liked it, it worked like magic to stop the tears, frustration... and to this day, she'll still suck on it for a few minutes before she falls asleep or if she falls down and gets hurt. She's three years old. My son Sam, who's six months old, hated the pacifier, would gag if I introduced it. But he's been an avid nurser right from the beginning. He nursed every hour or so for a long time, he'd go longer at night, but he loves nursing. It wasn't until he was four or five months that he started stretching out feeding, going sometimes three hours between nursing. And he uses nursing the same way my daughter did her pacifier, sometimes when he's bored, or if he's tired and needs help falling asleep, or if he gets scared or frustrated. And that's fine, I so much prefer that he get comfort and support from me :-). I think that's one of the functions of nursing, to provide comfort and nurturing and love - it's about so much more than just feeding. Don't feel guilty at all about it - if your baby wants to nurse, and you don't mind it, just enjoy it.

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    Default Re: breast as a pacifier??

    I don't want to give my ds a pacifier, I'm afraid it will cause nipple confusion. But I notice sometimes after feedings that he's using me as a pacifier. He'll slide down to the end of the nipple and just suckle so he's not getting much if any milk. i try to latch him onto the areola again and he does the same thing. This is after he's nursed for almost an hour. The problem is it hurts when he does this so I offer him my finger.

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    Default Re: breast as a pacifier??


    I like that 2nd link it spells out the reasons that baby needs to nurse often.
    Doctors don't get much training in breastfeeding.

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    Default Re: breast as a pacifier??

    You may also want to try a clean finger or your wrist as something else that my soothe him so your nipples don't get sore.

    Also, some babies just feed that frequently.
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    Default Re: breast as a pacifier??

    many experts say that as long as breastfeeding is well established (a couple weeks), you can introduce a pacifier safely and in most cases avoid "nipple confusion". I started giving my son one at 3 weeks and we haven't had any problems. He's like one of the babies described above, he only nurses to eat and wants the paci to soothe... every baby is so different! if you are OK being a human pacifier then go with it, but if it might strain your breastfeeding relationship, don't feel bad about using a finger or pacifier.

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    Default Re: breast as a pacifier??

    My baby girl is now eleven months old and never wanted a pacifier. My mom, her grandmother, kept trying to give her one, but she was so used to my nipple she spit it out. I remember reading this pediatrician who said do not give a pacifier, especially after four months, so I just stopped trying to give her one. Now it is funny, I gave her one yesterday (11months remember,) and she put it in her mouth and gave a smile with a chuckle!! She found it weird and funny!

    She is so big and healthy, she eats solids but really still prefers BM. She eats all different kinds of jars from "earth best" brand, and tons of food I give her. But she still wants "meh meh" her word for me and for milk. She is really obvious about it, tugging at my shirt and playfully patting my chest. She also does this desperate weezing gasp/ cry if I dont give it to her. It is hard for me to imagine weaning her.

    Unfortunately I am having sleep issues, b/c she is about to walk (she is really advanced in alot of ways, very secure with other babies and feels super safe in new environments!). As I was saying, she is waking up 4 times at night. used to be just once. To fall back asleep, I give her the nipple and it is just like she is sucking a pacifier. I am lying on my back and she is across my chest, so I dont have to lift her at 430am, (she is huge, she weighs 24 lbs and was born at 7lbs 4 0z), and she falls back to sleep while sucking.

    This sucking is basically using me as a pacifier, and I think it has been beneficial to her whole development.

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    Default Re: breast as a pacifier??

    I think one of these days I will create a shirt just for breastfeeding mothers that says on the front:

    "The Original Pacifier"

    We are NOT the substitutes! WE are the REAL thing!

    Happy Nursings!

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