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Thread: Pantley method?

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    Has anyone had any luck with this method? She recommends a gentle nipple w/drawal to break the nursing-to-sleep association. I have a 13 m/o who nurses all night long, on and off, still waking every two hours throughout the whole night! Thanks, Christine

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    Yes and no. If I was very persisitant, it helped her learn to sleep without staying attached to me. And I could get her off faster when she woke to nurse at night. But it didn't teach her not to nurse to sleep. I needed to take more drastic measures than that. She COULD fall asleep without nursing (I really don't think kids need to be taught that.) because if she was at a sitter's at nap time she did just fine. She just had to get used to it at home. I just had to set the limit, I couldn't manage to train her in subtle ways. The "no cry" thing is not really true either - the pull of would really tick her off at times. So it was something good to know about but certainly not a magic bullet. My magic bullet was putting her father in charge of her for a few nights.

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    It didn't work for us well. I had this same problem when my daughter was 18 months old. There is no reason that she needed to nurse every 2 hours at this age (she became used to falling back asleep while suckling). She cried and threw a fit no matter how understanding/gentle I was. I finally just put the line down and told her lovingly but gently that there was no more nursing "until the sun wakes up." I would just repeat that over and over and just cuddle her a bit and go back to sleep.

    It took about a week before she actually gave up trying to nurse and slept the whole night. But, yeah, she threw some major tantrums over that.

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