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    I am currently nursing my 3rd child, and he's started doing something rather odd. He's about 9.5 months, and has started turning over occassionally when he's nursing. He doesn't let go. He stays latched on. He goes from facing me to basically being on his tummy. It doesn't hurt. I just found it odd. And he's the only one of my 3 that's done this. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this. Any ideas as to why he's doing this - or what I can do to make him stop. There are times that he decides to do this that aren't very "convenient". And you can't tell that he's going to do it until he's mid roll.


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    Isn't it funny the things that babies do when they are in that "zone"? If it presents an issue, such as when you are in public, I'd consider that time to stop the feeding until you are in a place where it is more comfortable for you. He will likely grow out of it, though.

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