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Thread: pumping advice needed`

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    Default pumping advice needed`

    I've been nursing my dd who was 3 weeks yesterday and would like to start pumping some for when I have to occasionally be away from her.

    I tried yesterday in the morning after she ate and got nothing....
    I tried after her three feeding in the morning and didn't even get a drop.
    I have a medula pump instyle and an advent manual. I tried both.

    Anyway it made me really tense and I was beginning to question my milk supply. How do you know if your milk supply is low....
    Also I never really feel a let down while my dd is nursing, sometimes I feel it periodically through out the day... I never leak...
    My dd is having plenty of wet diapers her poopy once have just recently decreased from every feeding to aprox 3 a day.

    I decided not to try to pump today, I'm going to take a break because yesterday all I was doing was feeding her and trying to pump.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: pumping advice needed`

    It is really hard the first time you try. You have to learn to relax and think about your baby nursing. Don't think "I have to get milk" "I have to get milk" because then you are not relaxed. Close your eyes and relax. Drink plenty of water before you pump. Just keep trying you'll get it eventually. Good Luck!

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    Default Re: pumping advice needed`

    Things that I have noticed helping are relaxing, like the previous poster said, and drinking a big glass of water.

    Something you might want to try is nursing your daughter on one side in the morning and then pumping the other side, sitting in the same place and following the same routine as if it were your daughter and not the pump on your breast.

    One more thing I've noticed is that how I line up the pump on my nipple makes a difference too. It is kind of like a latch issue, sometime I don't have it centered.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: pumping advice needed`

    i just posted asking basically the same question! I have a 4 week old and am trying so hard to get a supply so i can go out. i drink water, sit in the same spot, all the little things that people suggest but is till get nothing after i pump, so i fully understand what you are going through! if anything you try works, please keep us posted and of course, i'll do the same!

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    Default Re: pumping advice needed`

    Hi Ladies!
    Lots of good suggestions here from previous posters! But I am sorry to think that the first poster has let a pump lead her to believe she may have low supply. I'm so sorry you are worried about this and just want to reassure you-please don't worry! Look at your baby, look at her output, look at her growth...I bet she is doing wonderfully and you are producing the exact amount of milk she needs, because you nurse her when she needs to nurse! Isn't this BF an amazing thing??

    About let-down: some moms never feel it. Some signs besides the "tingling" sensation are milk pooling in corners of baby's mouth and baby's sucking increased in speed, followed by swallowing.

    Some moms have to try different pumps for pumping success. Others find manual expression works better for them. Here is a link, you may wish to try this:

    (not an LLL link, but the same Marmet technique that LLL endorses)

    Also, milk supply is usually highest in the early morning hours. So this may be a better time to try pumping.

    But remember, you are still in the early stages of establishing your milk supply. So give yourself and dd some time. These next few weeks should still be mainly about BF. The pumping/expression will come. Thankfully you don't have to worry about it yet, right?


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