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Thread: Supplementing w/ formula? Allergy? Long question!!

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    Default Supplementing w/ formula? Allergy? Long question!!

    We are going through a serious growth spurt right now-he went from 4 oz every 4 hours to 5 oz every 3 hrs when I am at work. Most of my extra supply is almost gone, and I am still not pumping enough to make up the difference. When I am at home I am pumping after he eats, and sometimes in between, but still no increase yet.

    I am going out of town next week overnight and am worried I won't have enough pumped by then....so as a last resort I am considering formula for this one night - but don't know how to do it. Can I mix the breastmilk w/ the formula, or should we give it separately? The other thing is that when I drink regular milk or soy milk he seems to get really gassy and fussy-the pediatrician said he may not tolerate either milk or soy formulas. Anyone else have this problem??

    Any suggestions??

    Very worried,


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    Default Re: Supplementing w/ formula? Allergy? Long question!!

    Hi Jennifer,
    Have you already gone on the overnight trip?
    Here's a link that might help with your questions.

    Is it OK to mix human milk and artificial baby milk (formula)?

    This FAQ also includes links to info about increasing your supply, pumping, working and breastfeeding.

    It goes on to say, "Researchers, as well as parents, have noticed that babies may get gassy when receiving artificial baby milk. According to the article "Supplementing the Breastfed Baby" (LEAVEN, August-September 1999): "Whenever a non-human milk is used, alterations in the baby's gut flora occur and will cause changes in the frequency, odor, and consistency of baby's stool, as well as affect how the baby settles after a feed (Kleessen et al 1995)."

    Let us know how it goes, OK?


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