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Thread: How much and which solid food for a 6.5 month baby?

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    Default How much and which solid food for a 6.5 month baby?


    I've started to give solids to my ds a few weeks ago (he'll be 7 months in 10 days).
    So far he had banana, pear, apple and sweet potato.

    He usually has 4 bottles of milk a day (around 7,11, 3,7 ). I've been giving him solids at around 8 (1 type of fruit), 12 (fruit but since yest sweet potato and 1 fruit) and 5-5:30 (just sweet potato yest and today). Do you think this "schedule" is ok?

    What I'm confused about is which foods to give each time and what quantities.
    Sometimes he will want to eat a lot but I don't know how much is too much so I stopfeeding him. Today he had about 10 little spoons in one go. (Although I want to go for baby-led and no purees, I've been mashing the food for fear of him choking...)Is this too much? If I give him a veggie and a fruit, how many slices of each should I give him?

    I would be happy for any advice as usual but if you know a good book (which doesn't include cereal in every menu) it would be great too.

    Well done for all the mamas who were brave enough to start off with baby-led!

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    Default Re: How much and which solid food for a 6.5 month baby?

    Are you breast feeding him before you feed him solids? I think for the first year BM is supposed to be the main staple in a LO's diet. If you are nursing before each feeding that should help to ensure he's getting enough BM and the best nutrition. I just posted a list of first foods I got from my herbalist. In the solid foods forum.

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