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Thread: natural ways to inrease supply?

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    Default natural ways to inrease supply?

    i know fengeek (sp?) is goot to incease supply, but i notcied t should not be taken if you have heart problems, and my LO has a very serious heart defect...any other ways to get supply up...

    i TRIED oatmeal i really did, i makes me gag everytime i try to eat it

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    Default Re: natural ways to inrease supply?


    maybe some of the ideas here will help.
    oatmeal can be baked into cookies or bars.
    ITs the whole grain part that helps.

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    Default Re: natural ways to inrease supply?

    i hate oatmeal but I have now learned to eat it. I cook it with milk and put brown sugar and raisens in it. I can tolerate it - but I still dont like it.

    Maybe try some different recipes for oatmeal. Oh and like the pp said - i put it in cookies and somehow justify eating cookies that way

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