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Thread: So frustrated...

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    Default So frustrated...

    I've never been able to pump much at all (like less than an oz, a full 2 oz on a good day). So far I have just not pumped. Now I need to be able to pump at least a few ounces every day and I don't know what to do. I think that the problem is that I am getting very little suction when I do pump. It will start off coming out great and then stop and when I remove the horn (what do you call those things???) there is not even the slightest bit of noise so I know I am losing suction. What could it be? Am I holding in wrong? Is my breast to big, the shield to small? Anyone else have this problem? I would appreciate any suggestions. Gotta run- bedtime for DD but TIA!

    (I have an Ameda Purely Yours electric pump and also a Medela hand held. I have the same results with both.)

    Loving my two sweet girls Audrey (7/18/06) and Annie (6/18/09) Baby #3 due to appear 8/5/10

    Feel free to ask me about my successful HBAC , food allergies, cloth diapers, and the joy of having a high-needs, non-sleeping little dear who has grown into a wonderful preschooler.

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    Default Re: So frustrated...

    Are you breastfeeding full time? If so, then 1/2-2 oz per pumping session is not a bad yeild at all!

    It sounds like you're getting the initial letdown, but none of the subsequent ones. Is that right? If so, I would suggest trying some of the suggestions for assisting MER found here: http://www.lactationinstitute.org/MANUALEX.html

    Another suggestion would be to try to pump while you're nursing. Here's some tips: http://www.mother-2-mother.com/pumpi...le-nursing.htm

    If that isn't working, perhaps hand expression might work better for you. See the Marmet technique in the second link I posted above.

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    Default Re: So frustrated...

    I can't remember where I read this the other day but somewhere I read you should get fitted for a proper shield/horn thing??

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    Default Re: So frustrated...

    [QUOTE=LLL_Jolie;115418]Are you breastfeeding full time? If so, then 1/2-2 oz per pumping session is not a bad yeild at all!

    Wow so I guess I'm normal then huh. The girl that cuts my hair just had a baby, our babies are like a month apart and well she has to pump since she works and she says that she gets like 10 oz. at one time , god I almost died. I felt so useless cuz I can only pump like 1 or 1.5 if I'm lucky but I b/f full time, so is that why? If thats true than you just made my day.

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    My best friend had to pump with her last daughter and I was in awe at how much milk she got out. I never did get more than an ounce. but I BF full time also. Its like my breasts wouldnt give up the milk for that pump.

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