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Thread: should i store some?

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    Default should i store some?

    i bf only
    i have heard that one should have some stashed in the freezer in case of emergency. how would one do this as nutritional needs change? when would the unused need replaced? can it be stored in a bottle in the freezer? how much should be stored?

    Also, if something happened and i was unable to feed for a few days, iv heard some babies dont go back tothe breast, they stick with the bottle...sounds weird...is that true, how could that be avoided?

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    Default Re: should i store some?

    Hi Kay,
    These are all very good questions...you are a thinking mommy!

    I am going to give a link to our Milk Storage information. You should find all you need here. If not, let me know.


    As far as the changing composition of your milk: in the case of an emergency where you could not nurse for a short period of time, ANY breastmilk that you had in the freezer would be fine! You may have heard us discuss using the freshest milk when giving information to working moms who are regularly separted from their babies and must supply daily amounts of EBM for caregivers to feed their baby. Then we suggest using fresh milk. We suggest they avoid freezing milk pumped today, and then reaching into the freezer for tomorrow's bottle and pulling out a bag of milk from 3 months ago. Is this clear? If not, let me know and I will try to clarify!

    It is true that some babies have a hard time switching back and forth from bottle to breast, while others do just fine. This is something you may wish to think about more. There are other ways for EBM to be offered to babies so that they avoid bottles. Depending on the baby's age parents have used regular cups, syringes, sippy cups, droppers, and other methods. If this is something that you find you might want to think more about, let us know and maybe we can help you further!


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    Default Re: should i store some?

    Pumping might pose an issue for a mother who already has an "over-supply". I just wanted to bring that up in case that is the reason you posted the question in this forum. If there is not an immediate need for pumping and storing, you might find that pumping increases your milk supply over the "supply and demand", which can result in mastitis, plugged ducts and engorgement if you need to miss that pumping, as you would if you missed feedings regularly. Just something to think about...

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