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Thread: too much solids, not enough nursing

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    Default too much solids, not enough nursing

    I started my 7 month old daughter on solids at 5 months old. I didn't have adequate milk supply so i was forced to suplement with formula.
    the following is my daughters daily diet. she eats everything I give her eagerly but I'm concerned if this is too much solid food for her age.

    also she poops once every 2 days and her bm has been very dry lately.

    she eats a bowl of whole grain cereal with fruit sauce fot breakfast, vegetables puree or chicken for lunch and another bowl of cereal for dinner with fruit dessert, some afternoons she snacks on cottage cheese and fruits. we nurse in between on demand all day and at nights.

    she is of average weight. I'm concerned if I feed too much solids and also of her constopation and hard texture bm.

    i'm a first time mom and open to any suggestions. thanks.

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    Default Re: too much solids, not enough nursing

    The solids and also any formula could be causing the constipation. I would recomend cutting way back on everything but breastmilk until her poops are normal again.

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    Default Re: too much solids, not enough nursing

    What does your pediatrician think?

    I think it is hard to say as each baby is different, but that does sound like alot of solids.
    Also when you say bowl of cereal , that doesn't really say how much that is.

    From what I understand until one yr of age breastmilk or formula should be the base of a baby's diet.
    Food is a textural and sensory experience at first and slowly becomes more of the base of the diet as they get older.
    I worked at a daycare center for 7 yrs before my oldest was born.
    I did notice that babies seemed to be on solids earlier than I had read recommended. At the time I felt the reasoning for that was cost related. People wanted babies off expensive formula and onto table foods ASAP.

    I think the right thing to do is whatever is healthiest for the baby. So I keep referring you back to your ped.

    Wishing you and your baby health and happiness.

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