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Thread: How long to leave out?

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    Default How long to leave out?

    If I pump and leave it out fresh, how long is safe?

    What about if it's been in a bottle and Dd drank a bit of it, be it previously-refridgerated or fresh?

    I pump for the occasional bottle while I am out.

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    Default Re: How long to leave out?

    Your expressed breastmilk can be safely stored at room temperature (66-72 degrees F) for up to 10 hours, and in a warm room (79 degrees F) for around 4-6 hours.

    Here are LLL's guidelines for milk storage:

    The Breastfeeding Answer Book says this: " It is not known whether milk that is left in the bottle after a feeding can be safely kept until the next feeding or if it should be discarded."
    This is because there have been no large scale studies to determine if reusing partially fed breastmilk is safe.

    Breastfeeding, A Guide For the Medical Profession by Ruth Lawrence, M.D. (pg 438) says "Breastmilk can safely stand at room temperature for 6 to 8 hours and need not be discarded if the first feeding attempt is incomplete. In contrast, formula must be refrigerated and discarded after the first feeding attempt because it contains no antibodies or infection protection factors."


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    Default Re: How long to leave out?

    What we did was this: If the milk was being used for the first time, we would allow it to stand out for about 4 hours. If the milk had started to be consumed by our little one, but not finished, we would refridgerate it and reuse within 24 hours. Good luck!

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