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Thread: Why am I gaining weight?

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    Default Why am I gaining weight?

    My new little princess is 7 weeks old. I managed to gain 65 lbs during pregnancy and lost 20 of it in the first week post partum. I'm assuming that was water, baby and all that other stuff.
    Anyway, I have not been able to budge on my weight since. In fact, I've gained 4 lbs. How is that possible?!!? I do have a bigger appetite, waaaay bigger and I have been eating to hunger which I've read is advised in the first 2 months. I've also read places that gaining all that weight in pregnancy was supposed to be for breastfeeding so I needed to restrict my calories. Which is it?
    Should I limit my calories now or wait until I am a full 2 mos post partum? These extra 45 lbs are making it hard for me to be active. I have a 4 year old as well and the other day he took off running in a parking lot and I barely caught him in time before he got hit by a car! I'm so sluggish, and I've actually considered stopping breastfeeding so I can go on a major diet. I really don't want to stop, it's going so well. Someone please tell me that this awful intense hunger gets better!

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    Default Re: Why am I gaining weight?

    Welcome to the club!! And congrats on your new LO!!

    I gained 53 lbs during my pregnancy. When I went into the hospital I weighed 188 lbs. I now weigh 180. DS was 7lbs13oz I too was misinformed by my family and friends that after you give birth the weight just melts off... yeah, right. Not for me.

    Any who, I definitely think that you should wait on dieting. Although you could start exercising if you get the go ahead from your doctor. Walking 30-60 minutes a day does wonders for my energy. I've also joined Weight Watchers in the last week and have already lost 1lb.

    Don't give up breastfeeding for dieting. If you start exercising and eating right/watching your portions, I'm sure you'll see great results. Plus breastfeeding is the only time a woman can burn the most fat on her hips!
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    Default Re: Why am I gaining weight?

    Your body is still in a state of hormonal flux right now, so it's not time to be alarmed that you haven't started "melting" those maternal stores away just yet. Give your body a chance.

    I agree with the PP that you need to get your dr.'s go ahead to begin exercising. I'm not sure what your birth was like, but if you had a c-section or extensive tearing and stitching you could be risking serious injury, so check first. With that said, as a fitness professional, I cannot stress enough that you take it slowly at first when you do begin adding back a workout routine. The last thing you want is to hurt yourself, or make yourself so sore, that you cannot chase down your children. Also, exercising too strenuously can create a lactic acid build-up in your milk that, while not dangerous, could be unpleasant tasting to your LO, which will hurt the nursing relationship.

    With a balance between good diet and moderate exercise, 30-60 minutes 3-4 times per week, you should start to see a weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week. If you lose more than this you are either losing water weight (real bad when nursing) or lean muscle mass (real bad for keeping weight off). My "secret" to healthy eating is not counting calories or carbs, but to eat foods from the outer ring of the grocery store, so the fresh fruits, veggies, dairy, whole grain breads, and some meat or fish for protein, avoiding the refined sugars and flours found in the processed foods in the aisles of the store. Going on a "restrictive diet" like low-carb is ill-advised while you're nursing, and in my opinion, in general, because you need to have a balance of minerals and vitamins from a variety of foods.

    Right now you can take stock of your lifestyle. You said your appetite is way up, check to see if you are getting enough protein, which will keep you feeling full longer, or if you are constantly grabbing a carb-rich food
    like crackers or bread because it is quick and easy for a mom of two. If so, think of ways to make protein easier to grab. Boil 3-4 eggs to keep in the fridge for a quick snack, or grab a yogurt. Little fixes like these may make it easier for you to keep your appetite in check plus keep your energy levels mre constant rather than on a carbohydrate roller coaster.

    You can do it!
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    Default Re: Why am I gaining weight?

    You and me also sister!

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    Default Re: Why am I gaining weight?

    Thanks so much ladies!

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