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    When did you introduce a sippy cup. DD is 6 1/2 months and I know other people that have introduced it at this age. I'm sure she would have a blast playing with one, but not sure if it is time yet.

    We have still not introduced solids. Probably will soon though because she is showing lots of signs of being ready. We are just in no hurry.

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    We introduced a sippy without the stopper. Mia doesn't take a bottle and so therefore doesn't know to suck. She liked playing with it but it always ended up soaking her, and then we found the nubby cup. I love it because it has handles and the sippy part is soft and she can bite it and the liquid comes out. That is if she could ever figure out that she has to lift it. LOL. She was about 6 or so months when we started.

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    From 5 months, I fed my son water from a spoon and found that he could sip. By 7 months, he was able to drink quite well from a cup directly so I thought we would skip the sippy altogether. But recently (7.5 months) we bought him a sippy anyway, and he seems to enjoy being able to drink from it.
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