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Thread: To start or not to start?

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    Default To start or not to start?

    Okay. DS will be 6 mo on Sat. Haven't started solids yet. I know that LLL doesn't recommend cereal as a first food, but I tried this recipe for baby cereal and now my DH and I have it almost every morning for breakfast and so it would be easy and convenient to just do that. I've been looking forward to starting solids and letting him self-feed soon, but now I'm just not sure if he's ready (or is it me who's not ready?).

    He's been teething for months but has no teeth. He sits at the table with us and plays with his spoon and other toys. He doesn't yet sit unsupported, but sits pretty well in his chair. Are these things that you considered when making your decision? The ped was pushing solids / vitamin supplements at 4 months, and we didn't bite then. I'm not sure what type of reaction I'd get at the 6 mo visit if I told him that we're still EBF.

    Any thoughts?


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    well, teeth aren't a very good indicator to if they're ready for solids. They don't really need them. If he is sitting well in his chair and you think he's ready I don't see why you can't try it a bit after a nursing session to see if he wants any. If he doesn't its no big deal and you can wait 'till he's ready.

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    It is a hard decision, but we started at 5 mos because I read a few things that were helpful for when you can tell they are ready. They are in What to Expect in the First Year, do you have that book? Some of them were trying to grab your food/cup, watching you eat and drink, holding head up strong, sitting up farely well with and without suport, there were a few more things and almost all of them my baby did and he ate his 1st solid meal all up and has been doing great ever since. He only gets one meal a day. The Super Baby Foods book by Ruth Yaron is EXCELLENT. She recommends avacado as a 1st food as well as sweet potato and banana, all homemade and my baby loves them all. He also does get a small serving of rice cereal with one of the veggies as well and he drinks a little water in between. They recommend 2-4oz a day when starting solids but he only drinks about an ounce or so.

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    Well two of the signs they say to look for are the ability to sit up unassisted and
    use of the pincer grasp. If you don't have those yet I'd hold off. Your baby should really be getting all his nutrition for you for the 1st year. Food should be for experimentation and play. So don't feel ANY pressure from your PEDI at all! As long as you have exposure to sunlight for at least 15mins a day (it can be thru a window) your fine. And the idea about iron...it's an idea. But we EBF past the 6months point w/ only one thing a day until almost 9monhts. (We did child led solids. No cereal no purees) And my Pedi wasn't even nterested in testing iron level until his 10month check. So I wouldn't worry yet.

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