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Thread: nipple soreness

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    Hi there, I stumbled upon this forum while looking up info for my sister. She just moved into a new house and has no internet access. She called me for advice about nipple soreness because I am currently breastfeeding my sixth child. She complains of soreness during nursing and says her nipples appear compressed and "flattened out" after nursing and that she has white marking next to her nipples as if the blood supply is cut off. Sounds to me like her baby is pinching and "biting" down on her nipples probably because of nipple confusion. Has anyone had any similiar experience with this. Would you advise her to stop using pacifiers and bottles? Any positioning ideas to help baby learn how to use her mouth?
    I know she is frustrated and really wants help but I am not sure if my advice would be on track.


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    It sounds like a basic latching issue. I don't know how old her baby is but babies suck differently on a pacifier and bottle than they do a breast so baby's latch could be wonky because baby simply doesn't know how to nurse properly. I would suggest losing any artificial nipples and working to get baby to latch on properly. Can you sister get in touch with one of her local LLL Leaders?

    It sounds like baby's latch is shallow. Have her work on getting baby to get a deeper latch. If your sister doesn't have internet access, do try to find a local LLL Leader for her to call so the Leader can help her get her baby latched on properly.

    Your suggestions to your sister sound good! It's great that she's got you to help her

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