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    I know this isn't exactly breastfeeding related. But I was hoping that one of you ladies would have some late night advice for me. I've had diarrhea for the past 3 days. I thought it was something I ate. But, last night DD, 7.5wks old, had a 2 hour screaming fit. There's been no screaming or crying today, but her poops were a lil watery in the morning. Then about 3 hours ago she had a huge watery poop that filled her whole diaper. Then just 10mins ago she vomitted all over DH and had another small but watery poop. I'm thinking that whatever stomach virus is giving me the diarrhea has been passed on to DD. I'm planning on dropping into the pediatrician's in the morning. But do any of you have any advice for me between now and when I get into the dr.s??? Advice for both me and DD? Like can I take ImmodiumAD for myself without it compromising my breastmilk? Anything extra I should do for DD?

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    Best suggestion -- stay hydrated and nurse, nurse, nurse! It sounds like you both have a virus and chances are your baby will be affected to a lesser degree than you have been.

    Loperamide, an anti-diarrheal medication is a LRC L2, most commonly found in Imodium, Pepto Diarrhea Control, Maalox Antidiarrheal Caplets, Kaopectate II Caplets, Immodium Advanced. However, "Pepto-Bismol & Kaopectate (bismuth subsalicylate is the active ingredient in both) are not recommended for routine use by nursing moms, due to the association of salicylates with Reyes syndrome in children." (not from an approved LLL source --http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/aap-approved-meds.html). Not from an approved LLL-source but good info nontheless -- http://parenting.ivillage.com/baby/b...,,3x0q,00.html

    Sip some water -- try to stay hydrated yourself and nurse baby as often as she'll allow it. I hope you begin to feel better soon!

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    Just by breastfeeding, you are already doing the best thing for your daughter as she weathers her first diarrheal illness.

    Keep yourself hydrated and nurse as frequently as possible. Watch your baby for signs of dehydration. If she stops nursing, that would be a big danger sign. But chances are, with nursing already going well and thus ready access to breastmilk, she is going to come through this just fine.

    I would stay away from the Immodium, personally. Diarrhea is your body's defense mechanism against certain types of infection. It efficiently flushes stuff out of your body before it can go systemic and cause real problems. Immodium is going to interfere with that process by stopping you up.

    Hope everyone is feeling better very soon!


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