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Thread: prescription for domperidone from OB?

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    Default prescription for domperidone from OB?

    Has anyone asked their OB for a prescription for domperidone from their OB? I know that it is legal for them to write the prescription and for me to have it filled at a compounding pharmacy.

    I am going to ask my OB during my next visit. I have had a breast reduction, and have had thyroid issues with my first pregnancy which dried up my milk completely. I want to be prepared for my son who is due this May.


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    Default Re: prescription for domperidone from OB?

    My midwife was willing to write a presciption. I checked around with local pharmacies, but I wasn't able to locate one to fill it.

    You can order it from http://www.inhousepharmacy.com/ without a prescription.

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