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Thread: Adding cereals in milk or not (at 4 months !!)

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    Default Adding cereals in milk or not (at 4 months !!)

    My LO has her 4 month check up on Friday. At the last check up, the Doctor said "we will talk about whether to introduce cereal in milk when she is 4 month old". I did not question more. My Doctor is VERY supportive of breastfeeding.

    But I want to be prepare for our meeting on Friday. I read in some places that adding cereal in milk at 4 months is not recommended, while other do recommend it.

    What are the advantages/disadvantages? Can someone help me, I am confused !! THANKS.

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    Default Re: Adding cereals in milk or not (at 4 months !!)

    A whole bunch of references:


    At our 4 mo checkup my pedi said we could start rice cereal if we wanted. Since my research led me to the decision to do exclusive breastmilk for at least 6 months I politely told the pedi of our plans and he said ok.

    Just because the pedi or nurse says it's ok to start solids, doesn't mean that you need to follow that advice. Follow your own decisions about what is right for you and our LO.

    In our case, our LO is tiny and sticking to exclusive breastmilk for at least 6 months will also get him much better nutrition and more calories:

    Our decision to not start solids until at least 6 mo is driving the grandmothers nuts ... but we're sticking to our decision.
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    Default Re: Adding cereals in milk or not (at 4 months !!)

    After much thought, we decided to introduce rice cereal to our lo yesterday (she's 4 months too). We offered it after her late afternoon nursing and she loved it! We mixed it with some expressed milk. She ate about half a tablespoon (its recommended only starting with a tablespoon of the cereal to start). We came to this decision because she was not nursing as well as in the past, and we had ruled out that my supply was low, and she was extremly interested in watching us eat. Do what works best for you and your lo, if you think they're ready, give it a try; if you want to wait, thats your decision! Good luck

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    Default Re: Adding cereals in milk or not (at 4 months !!)

    Exclusive BFing is recommended for the first 6 months. 4-6 months is not the current standard, but some still go by that if their baby shows readiness.
    In any event, if cereal is given, the cereal should not be mixed with milk in a bottle, it should be mixed in a bowl and offered with a spoon. It CAN be mixed with EBM in the bowl.
    For the record, offering cereal did not help my DD sleep longer at night, like some people say. I admit I was hoping it would, but no. Also, most babies do not need the extra iron (another reason cereal is often given) until AT LEAST 6 months old.


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