(Posting in Extended BF, Pregnant & BF & Tandem BF)

I cannot post on LLL as often as I'd like & feel bad as I would like to help others in situations I have been in if I can. So, I wanted to offer the option of PM me if anyone would like. I will be able to answer faster that way as they will come to my home in-box & I will be able to read sooner & reply faster. If you have any questions you do not feel comfortable posting publicly, I welcome those as well.

I have nursed through a pregnancy w/ pretty much no milk supply & DS losing weight at 7 months. DS was 3 months when DD was conceived. I tandem nurse, they are now 28 months & 16 months & guess I am also considered to be "extended" nursing even though I don't like that term as extended to me is beyond what is necessary & to me & my LOs it is still necessary. Anyway, any questions or support I can help with concerning any of these topics I'd love to so please feel free to PM me if you'd like.