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Thread: Lentils ?

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    Default Lentils ?

    Anyone give their DC lentils or other legumes/beans?? When? How did you prepare/serve them?
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    I give my DS lots of legumes. I started by making lentil soup (I actually posted the receipe on another thread about lentils) and picked out the lentils for him to finger-feed himself. DS enjoys refried black beans (I started with those smeared on his fingers and now that he is older he also eats them on soggy chips on nacho night). I hope that gives you a few ideas! Have fun!

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    We feed DJ whole beans (Pintos before they get refried) and Lima beans. They whole beans are this huge process where you have to let them sit in water over night and then boil off the water ad keep adding it ect....the lima beans are organic and frozen and we just grab a handful and boil them stove top. He loves both kinds!

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    I tried Lentils last night, boiled them for 15 minutes. They were a great finger food but made baby very thirsty.

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