Wow! I finally had a chance to log back in today and I am amazed at all the support I have received from all of you. I have now been back for about 6 weeks and it is going ok. I still have my good and bad days. The hardest time is at night after I put her to bed...I feel as if I didn't hardly see her at all each day. We recently had a meeting with her day care provider (who is really a blessing to our family) to talk about my dd's schedule. She is now on a really consistent schedule and knows what to expect. That makes me feel a whole lot better to know about what she is doing throughout the day. I have been able to read to her a story each night after she nurses and that is a wonderful bonding experience. I can't wait until the day comes to be at home with her all day :-) Thanks again everyone and I'm glad this has been an encouragement to you.