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Thread: Help!! Having emergency oral surgery tomorrow--several questions!

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    Exclamation Help!! Having emergency oral surgery tomorrow--several questions!

    My son is 3 and a half weeks old, he's been EBF since birth. I have to have surgery tomorrow and I am pumping so that he can have breastmilk while I am down and out until I'm able to be awake enough to BF him. I have tried feeding him breastmilk from a bottle in the past, but he will only take the real thing! My hubby is going to attempt to give him a bottle (We have no choice) or use a syringe to feed him my EBM. (Ooh, he's gonna have lots of fun! )

    But, I have no idea how much to give him! And, do we do it every 2-3 hours like he nurses? Or different? Plus, I am worried about the anesthesia--is that going to be safe for breastfeeding? How long do I wait if it's not? How many oz. of milk will I need for that amount of time? Help, I'm kind of going crazy here!!!

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    Default Re: Help!! Having emergency oral surgery tomorrow--several questions!

    Most babies take small amounts of breastmilk frequently. For your newborn, your dh might start out with offering 2 oz, and offer an ounce or so more if he still seems hungry. Your dh could offer to feed him on cue (in other words, when he shows signs of hunger such as rooting, sucking his hands, smacking his lips).

    As for your questions about general anesthesia, our resources state that by the time you are awake and alert enough to hold your baby, the amount of anesthesia in your system (milk, too) is insignificant. This is a non-LLL resource that offers some valuable, evidence-based information on the topic:


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