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Thread: How does EPing affect menstrual cycle?

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    Default How does EPing affect menstrual cycle?

    Hi ladies.

    I was wondering if you get your period back sooner if you EP than you would if you BF?
    Today is my 5 week milestone of EPing, and I've got what looks like a period going on. It started yesterday morning...
    My OB's answering service told me to go to the ER last night, so I spent 8 hours there and got sent home with no answers.

    The people there knew absolutely nothing about menstrual cycles and BFing and/or EPing.

    Is it normal to get your period back so soon?

    I did read a post in this forum about some kind of rule that leads me to believe that this is what I think it is. But it's only a mention of it, and not a lot of details.

    Any info would be extremely helpful....Thanks!!!

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    Default Re: How does EPing affect menstrual cycle?

    Sorry I have no definite answer for you but i have been EPing for 4.5 months and haven't had a menstrual cycle yet.

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