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Thread: building my milk supply

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    Default building my milk supply

    i had a baby back in september i have been breastfeeding exculsively since lately he has been wanting more than i can pump. does anyone have any suggestions how i can build my milk supply? i do give him cereal not in his bottle i was told never to do that by the pediatrician, and i started stage 1 foods, bananas, but he drinks 20-24oz of milk while i'm at work, and i try to pump more but i'm not getting enough for him. when i'm home it's fine because he can nurse on demand but when i'm away from him he finishes all the milk i have expressed and he is hungry until i get home. i really don't want to give him formula i am very pro breastfeeding i told his caretaker to give him rice cereal so he won't want as much milk but he still wants the 20 oz of milk even with the cereal and bananas any suggestions?

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    What kind of pump are you using? I have tried both Medela PIS Advanced and Medela Lactina and there is a clear difference between them in terms of milk output. I get almost twice as much with Lactina (and I have been told that Symphony gives even more.) If you haven't tried already, I thought you may give it a try and rent a hospital grade pump for a couple of weeks to see how it works. Good luck!

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