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Thread: Major Oversupply

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    Default Major Oversupply

    I mean major! I've been Exclusively pumping for 5 months now, I've always had an oversupply..but lately it's a little too much..I'm at 125+oz a day!
    My daughter is taking 27-30oz a day.
    I'm already donating my milk to several long term recipients, what else can I do with all this milk? Any ideas on safely reducing my supply?

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    How frequently are you pumping? What kind of pump are you using?

    Perhaps instead of dropping a pumping session (which would likely lead to engorgement at this point!), you could instead slooooowly decrease the amount of time you pump and sloooowly begin to increase the amount of time between pumping sessions. For example, if you pump every 3 hours, stretch that out to every 3 hours, 15 minutes. When you get comfortable there, stretch it to every 3 hours , 30 minutes. And so on, and so forth. If your production levels aren't downregulating with these strategies, you might consider only pumping one side per session. If the other side gets uncomfortably full before your next pumping session, express just enough for comfort (30 seconds or so). And if that isn't helping, consider block pumping (the same method as block feeding).

    The key with downregulating supply is to get enough of a build-up of the whey protein in breastmilk called Feedback Inhibitor of Lactation (FIL) to send the message to the milk producing cells to slow down production. FIL is found in all mothers' milk, and if milk is left in the breast for long enough, it tells the milk producing cells to slow it down. By removing milk less frequently and not removing milk fully, eventually production will slow.

    Here's a handy resource:

    If all of these measures don't work, you could consider herbal or medical resources to reduce production. But, by far, the best option available is taking advantage of nature's supply regulator, FIL.


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