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Thread: nursing nest by Peaceful Pea

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    Default nursing nest by Peaceful Pea

    Has anyone out there used a nursing nest pillow by Peaceful Pea? I have read good reviews of them, but am curious to hear from any who have actually used them.

    Also, is the nursing nest really only useful if your baby sleeps with you every night? I couldn't tell from reading the descriptions.

    Thank you for any comments or advice. I am new to this forum, baby due this summer.

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    Default Re: nursing nest by Peaceful Pea

    I have never used it but saw it in a catalog and I think it looks great for bfing at night when they are too small really for the side lying position. I didn't think we would cosleep, but you just don't know until they are born. It's a lifesaver for us. I think the pillow supports 4 or 5 different positions though. So it's not just for the bed.

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