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Thread: Hates crib

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    DS is 4 wks old and we've had to co-sleep because he doesn't like the bassinet or crib. Does anybody have any advice on how to get newborn to sleep in his crib? Anyone with this problem early on and had their baby eventually sleep in his crib as s/he grew older?

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    All of mine have hated their crib..
    with my 4th we didn't even set it up.
    We had a co-sleeper that the last two slept in.
    Sometimes babies don't like to lay down flat after the nurse, because its painfull for them.
    Or they just want to be close to mom.
    Some newborns want to nurse alot when they are 1st born up to 12 times in 24 hours. They just have a great need for mom and for milk.
    you will figure it out sometimes it just takes a while.

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    Babies aren't meant to be on their backs, despite what all the experts say. They're still slightly curled up, so stretching out hurts. My DS is now 3.5 months, and he's starting to be able to sleep in his crib after co-sleeping the entire time. And even when he sleeps with us, he's not wanting to curl up or stretch out on mom so much anymore, but would rather stretch out between mom and dad. Last night, he napped in his crib for an hour. I was amazed... made myself dinner, played a game... but it's taken time to get him to that point. Just be patient.

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