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Thread: Pumping to have a "stash" = engorgement?

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    Default Pumping to have a "stash" = engorgement?

    DS is 6 wks and I have started pumping once a day, after my AM feeding so that I have a little stash in the freezer "just in case". I bf one side per feeding, ds is thriving & growing, latch is no problem, feeds every 3 hrs during the day, 3-4 at night. Since I started pumping, I have noticed my left side (his favorite) is bigger & more full than the other (I try to pump on each side every other day to prevent this, but...) and when I went to the OB today, he said I was engorged and should watch it.

    DS took his first bottle today like a champ and downed 5 ozs.

    My question is, how do I prevent this? I've felt full for a few days now but don't want to pump to alleviate the fullness, as I know this will just further the problem. How long should I be engorged until the supply evens out to accomodate the pumping? And when do I need to start to be worried about mastitis?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: Pumping to have a "stash" = engorgement?


    heres a good link.
    what else did your doctor say? Sometimes they are nutty with their breastfeeding advice they don't get much training about breastfeeding.
    this is another good link not from LLLI but its a good one.


    it talks about when to call your doctor.
    sounds like things are going well!
    Your milk supply will adjust. And some leaking is normal for the 1st few weeks of breastfeeding.

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    Default Re: Pumping to have a "stash" = engorgement?

    thanks for resonding, Andrea. He didn't say too much else. At first, he asked me if I had implants, as he felt a sac in my breast. I was engorged in the hosp when my milk came in...this feels much different. I am definately full, but not so bad that I feel the need to pump or hand express for relief.

    I guess I can just assume it will even out in a few days, once I regularly pump every AM. I missed a day (waaaaaay too tired), so maybe that was the problem too.

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