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Thread: Breastfeeding during day again?

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    Default Breastfeeding during day again?

    I have recently tried to get my 24 month old son to fall asleep without suckling from my breast. It has been a pretty smooth transaction however since this time, which also coincides with the ability to vocalise his need for a breastfeed, he is asking to feed all through the day. This is very unlike him and I am not sure how to deal with it. I have to admit that i am getting a little fed up with the constant demand of breastfeeding although I am all for the self weaning concept. I am also finding that he is asking in company and I feel a little awkward by those around me. My husband who supports our son breastfeeding has started to ask me when it will stop.

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    I had a similar experience. I don't have much advice except that it sounds typical. When my first baby was 15 months I night weaned him. At the time he didn't nurse much during the day, some times not at all. When I night weaned him he started having mega nursing sessions. 5 times a day for about 45 minutes at a time. I think it's the laws of unattended consequences. I was eager to get a full nights sleep (I was pregnant and he was a terrible sleeper) but I hadn't considered all the advantages of meeting his nursing needs while I was sleeping. Retrospectively, I should have tried unlatching him after a little bit; I bet he wouldn't have protested.

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    If your son is old enough to ask for bf, he is also old enough to understand limits. My daughter wanted to nurse around the clock at 24 months. We had been doing a lot of traveling, so I figured it was due to a disrupted schedule.

    What worked for us was setting rules of when and where she could bf. We would bf first thing in the morning, at story time after lunch and after nap time/before making diner. If she asked to nurse at another time, I would tell her when she had last had 'mommy milk' and when the next time was that she could have 'mommy milk'. I would offer her hugs and try and distract her with another activity. She very quickly caught on to the new rules and we were both much happier.

    Good luck! It will get better.

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    I have not read the previous responses.

    A few things that have worked for me with nurslings at that age.
    1 - designate a nursing chair - ONLY nurse in that chair (and bed ) and ONLY sit in that chair when you want to nurse. At first, you will still nurse as often as before to get LO used to the nursing chair idea, then you can start avoiding the chair somewhat.
    2 - Nursing in company - could you LO be shy and looking for comfort in an uncomfy situation? You could take LO out of the room when he starts giving nursing cues and give a quick nurse (count of 10) or talk about when he can nurse (when we get home).
    3 - Count of 10 nursing - allow child to nurse as often as he wants, but for a count of 10 - as the mom, you get to decide how quickly or slowly you count for each session

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