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Thread: Solids?

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    I'm a first time mom. My ds is 4 months old and my goal is to bf until he is 1 year or longer. He currently nurses every 1-2 hours. I know introducing solids you are supposed to offer the breast and then offer the solids. I assume that when he is ready for solids and as he gets older that he will not be nursing as often. My questions are:

    -if he does not nurse within 2-3 hours am I supposed to pump?
    -if he does not nurse within 2-3 hours will it affect my milk supply?
    -how does nursing change once babies are on solids?


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    Keep in mind that once baby does start solids, the vast majority of his calories will still need to come from breastmilk. So, he'll eat relatively few solids -- perhaps just a teaspoon or two once or twice a day. If his nursing decreases then he's probably getting too many solids. You may also simply want to wait on solids until baby is able to pick them up and eat them himself -- many parents do it this way.

    You needn't worry about pumping. Your body will adjust to baby's changing needs. As your baby gets older he's nursing patterns will probably be somewhat sporadic -- one day he'll want to nurse non-stop and then another day he may only nurse a few times. Just follow your baby's cue's. If his nursing decreases, your supply will decrease as well. However once his nursing increases your supply will automatically adjust.


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    ITA with LLLCarol! Solids have yet to make ds nurse any less often, and he's 11 mo.

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