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Thread: please help,breastfeeding while pregnant

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    Unhappy please help,breastfeeding while pregnant

    Hi can any one please help.i have breastfed my son till he was just over 12 months old and was happy to continue untill he was ready to stop, but recently i have had to stop as it has become extremly painfull.i am 5 months pregnant and did have some major discomfort at about 8-12 weeks but that subsided, in the last 2 weeks my nipples are so painfull that i can't let him feed,and he is as upset about it as i am.i don't think i have thrush as he is not showing any signs but even after not feeding for 2 weeks my nipples are still painfull when any pressure is put on them, i am worried that there maybe something else wrong and that i am going to struggle feeding mt newborn, has anyone had this problem?
    thanks laura

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    Default Re: please help,breastfeeding while pregnant

    Hi Laura,
    I responded to your other post.

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