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Thread: Sigh - back to work!!

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    Unhappy Sigh - back to work!!

    So I am back to work and have started pumping again What a pain! This sucks! I've actually been back about 10 days now and it doesn't make me happy. Christmas vacation was so nice - we were in Europe and I just stuck my junior under my shirt (and sweater and other multiple layers) whenever we felt like it and just watched the scenery on the trains roll by.

    But it's back to reality and the chugga chugga chugga of the pump and the whine whine whine of the colleagues and etc etc etc

    Thanks Heavens at least in the evenings I am my own person!

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    Default Re: Sigh - back to work!!

    I just started working 5 hour shifts (I know, very lucky me!!! ) but I do have to pump so that DH has something to spoon/syringe into LO's mouth when I am gone, and pumping is a bit of a pain! Not to mention the having to scorch it before I can freeze. I dream of just being able to put my LO on the breast and call it a day! There is something wrong with society when you need to have both parents "working" in order to make it, and I am not just talking about having a fancy life-I mean really can't live without a 2 income household. I degress ....anyway the point I was trying to make was you have my sympathy!

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