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Thread: Citrus?

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    So....Now that he's a year old is there any reason NOT to feed him oranges and Tangerines? Lemon? I wonder about the skins...I remember when I was small they used to cut oranges up for us but leave them in the rinds...(think orange rind smile) Is that the best way to feed him so he doesn't have to deal with the skin?
    If it's not safe yet, why not and when will it be?

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    I managed to find this on citrus. http://www.drgreene.com/21_1231.htmlHope it helps.

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    My son is 13 months old and he loves oranges. I cut them into wedges and then remove the rind. He'll eat them in wedges or chopped up in chunks. I found out by accident that he also likes chewing on lemon rinds . Don't ask me why but he'll walk around with a lemon rind hanging out his mouth just laughing.

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    my son LOVED oranges back in the day... but i remember they were the one food that gave him really bad diaper rash... i'd see the pulp in his poops, so he was sitting in the acidy citrus... so go slowly with them and see how yours does...

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    I may be wrong but, I think I read that citrus fruits are fine after 1 year, Strawberries are sometimes delayed because they can be an alergy problem.

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