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Thread: co-sleeping / won't disengage from nip problem

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    Default co-sleeping / won't disengage from nip problem

    My daughter (14 mo.) and I had a semi-cosleeping arrangement. She has a big crib that until recently, I would get into with her and nurse her to sleep and a few to many times a night when she would wake. This was fine with me until she started refusing to let go even when she was very asleep. The second I would try to disengage, she would wake up and want to suck more. This is not convenient for me when she goes down initially, as it is rather early and not comfortable, for my poor body, in the long run.
    I have started trying to nurse her in a chair until she is asleep and then tranferring her w/out waking her. This works about 25% of the time. Usually she wakes up and cries. Today, I have let her cry for the first time ever. I don't know what else to do. I gave her a favorite stuffed animal and a water bottle. She played a little at putting the doll to sleep but soon thereafter both of them were tossed out. I tried staying in the room reassuring her, but that made it worse. Once I left she was down in about 15 minutes.
    I don't like this at all. I would love some advice! I really liked our old way... before this crazy suck issue.
    Thank you for any words of wisdom,
    Amanda and Bo

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    Default Re: co-sleeping / won't disengage from nip problem

    Hi Papillon MOM,
    Do you think she could be teething or coming down with an illness? Any major developmental milestones that she's working on (like motor skill development or language)? Any recent changes in her schedule?
    Sometimes toddlers will go through periods of being more "needy" and often times it's hard to pinpoint the reason for the change until afterward. It could just be a phase that will pass with time.
    That must have been a big crib for you both to fit!

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    Default Re: co-sleeping / won't disengage from nip problem

    Yes, Bo is at the age when everyday she is doing/discovering something new. She could very well be feeling more needy.
    Do any of you have any ideas as to what to do?
    Last night she did much better though. When she would wake up upon being set in the crib, she settled right back down to sleep after I told her to lay down and go "ni". I was very surprised.
    Maybe she has made the transition. Better wait and see how today goes though...
    Thanks for any input.

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