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Thread: Too much Poop! Bothers Baby

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    Thank you or letting me join the group. I'm at my wit's end and I'm hoping someone can offer advice. My baby is 7 weeks old and i think i've been dealing with an oversupply issue this whole time. My biggest concern is that she has constant poops or "squirts" 20 times a day because of it and is generally unhappy right after nursings. Though, She is gaining weight like a champ. I started block feeding past 4 days but havent seen any improvement. When does block feeding start workong? it's a horrible feeling thinking my milk is doing more harm than good to her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Newborn babies can truly poop a ton! This is normal and healthy. There is absolutely no way your milk is doing "more harm than good." Your milk is not causing ANY harm and is ONLY good. I promise you.

    About block nursing- unless oversupply is extreme, block nursing should begin to improve an over production situation rapidly, within a few days. If it is not getting better, longer blocks might be in order. Meanwhile, if a fast letdown is disturbing baby, nursing frequently and nursing in a reclined position is very helpful.

    Please be careful when block feeding. This WILL reduce your milk production and you want to be sure it is not too much! Also, you have to be careful you do not get so engorged you are at risk of plugs and mastitis. I am going to link an article on block feeding that I strongly suggest you read. I will also link two articles about helping baby handle a fast milk flow. I will link these at the end of this post.

    If baby is getting irritated in their bottom (or worse) think about changing up how you deal with all that poop. Since breastmilk poops are actually very mild to the skin and non-irritating, what causes irritation more often than not is all the wiping and what we wipe with. In the newborn stage when babies are pooping so much and their bottoms are so delicate, ANY commercial wipe, even the 'sensitive' ones, will irritate a baby's bottom. Additionally they are made to be used to wipe, obviously. But delicate little bottoms do much better when they are soaked clean rather than wiped.
    I found that using plain, warm water, gently soaking the bottom clean, eliminated that poor sore bottom irritation. Once I day I would use a tiny bit of mild, unscented soap to wash the area. I used a soaking wet soft cotton washcloth or very soft paper towel. Some people prefer using a little soap in the water (very little) every time. When I could, I took baby into the shower or tub and washed baby's bottom, again, with water only. When I was out and about, I still used wipes, but at home it was all about the soaking.

    Block nursing: http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/blog?tag=Block+Feeding
    Fast letdown: http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/blog?tag=Fast+Milk+Flow
    more on fast letdown: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...ggrimacing.pdf

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    with all the above. I just want to add that it's not the constant pooping that irritates babies' bottoms, it's just a consequence of life in diapers, where all that moisture gets trapped against the delicate skin. And it's completely normal for babies to act very upset when they have to poop or pass gas. Imagine if you never had to poop or fart- not even one time!- until 7 weeks ago. And now all of a sudden you are doing it all the time! It might make you pretty upset, too. "Oh no, not this again, waaaah!"

    Can you tell us what evidence of oversupply you are seeing? As MaddieB said, it's easy to go too far with block feeding and before you get any further down the block feeding road, let's make absolutely sure that you do have an oversupply and not some other issue! Right?

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