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Thread: Biting at One Year

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    I am committed to BF my DD until she self-weans. She'll be a year old on the 21st. Anyway, she was sick for the first time recently (over it now, thank God) but it was during this time that she started really biting me, and she's still doing it. I think it might've been in frustration initially, but I don't understand what's causing it now. I don't mean the occasional, getting used to the teeth kind of nick, either. She clenches and pulls my nipple through, at the tip (think of a child pulling taffy through her teeth) by rearing her head back. She's quick, too, I have a hard time intercepting. Ouch! I've started saying 'no' firmly (but not too loudly) and taking her off. I also try to speak sofly when she's doing it right, saying something like 'good girl,' or 'mommy loves you.' When I say no firmly and take her off it upsets her. I don't think she knows the difference and I'm worried that she's going to associate that negative feeling with BF in general. I love her so much, I don't want to scare her. Please share your experiences with me, I appreciate any helpful hints!
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    Saying "No" firmly and making her wait for a few minutes before letting her nurse again worked for me. Of course she cried for a few minutes but after that she was okay. She still does it from time to time, but only when she is startled. I feel your pain though. My little girl can bite really hard. Last time she did I somehow got an infection in the sore, so watch out for that as well. Goodluck to you! Sorry I can't offer anymore help.

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    Could she be trying to get more milk? Or do you think her gums hurt?
    Maybe something in here will help?
    What Should I Do If My Baby Bites Me?

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    My DS is just over 1 year old. I find that promptly removing him from the breast once he's no longer actively swallowing has cut down on biting. Also, nursing in a quiet place helps--neither of us are distracted. However, yesterday dad snuck up on him while nursing to give him a kiss. DS was startled and bit me. I screamed and then DS cried. Oh what trauma Now dad also knows not to do that again!

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