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Thread: How to get to only 1 feeding at breast

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    Question How to get to only 1 feeding at breast

    I'm curious how I would get down to only bfing at night. I know that during the weaning process you just substitute bottles for breastfeeds, and keep adding more bottles as you take away breasfeeds. Do I just continue this until I only nurse once daily? I only want to bf at night. I'm just looking for a way to do this so that my breasts dont feel like they are going to explode at work, since I wont be bfing or pumping.

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    As you transition from breast to bottle, feeding by feeding, your body will adjust. I know it sounds weird now, but your body somehow figures out how to not engorge itself, and yet make enough. A good analogy would be how many babies sleep through the night, yet feed fine during the day. Most moms don't become painfully engorged every night, their bodies just adjust.

    You may also find that your baby will reverse-cycle and feed less during the day, but make up for it when with you.


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    The general proces you have outlined-slowly trading BFing sessions for bottles-usually works pretty well because you don't get as engorged and it's not as traumatic for baby.
    I should caution you that, although for the most part women's bodies adjust to whatever demand there is (for milk), you are taking the risk of losing or seriously compromising your milk supply by cutting back so much when your LO is still very young. And like the pp said, your LO might stage a revolt and decide to start waking up at night to BF. Babies can tell the difference, trust me! Ms DS was NOT a happy camper when we weaned, even though we did it very gradually. I wouldn't do it again. Of course, a little BM is better than none at all.


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