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    My son is 10 months old and BF about 15 or so times a day. He is a snacker and eats on demand probably every hour or so when we are home during the day. He can go longer when out and about. He really has no interest in solids. As of a week ago he will eat a few bites of pears and some cheerios once or twice a day. My pediatrician wants me to cut back and only nurse once every 3 to 4 hours to increase his hunger so he'll eat more solids. Will this issue just resolve on its' own when he's ready or do I have to put him on a schedule?


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    My 21 month old dd doesn't eat much of a volume of solids either.

    At 10 months she was really NOT interested in solids, just as you describe. At 11 months she had an allergic reaction after her lip touched my homemade oatmeal raisin cookie. The reaction was strong and she didn't even ingest any of the cookie. It took the whole night with Benadryl before her face returned to normal. After that episode she didn't eat any solids for a few months. It was only around 15 months that she started trying them again.

    I tell you this to make a point... it appears bf infants have an inborn intelligence regarding allergies. It's amazing. I'm glad I never pushed her. I still don't. If you read my posting you'll see I had the same question as you but at 21 months.

    Not all pediatricians would give you the advise yours has. I'm sure a LLL rep will have better info but I say you are doing marvelous.

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    doctors heres some good links
    Why change a good thing? If you baby is healthy and growing what differnce does it make. at 10 months you could add some meats to his diet for the iron.


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