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Thread: Help with breastfeeding

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    Quote Originally Posted by jillie1678 View Post
    I do not have no where near enough milk for him. I am pumping and he is finally latching on and nursing pretty good.
    What makes you think you don't have enough? How many wey diapers are you getting right now? Anyways, at that age I'd be pumping after every feed with no longer than 2 to 1 1/2 hours between feeding/pumping.

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    Are you still using the nipple shield? I did not see whether you had decided to continue with it, or ditch it yet. It makes baby's sucking less efficient. If it's harder for you LO to nurse, it will be harder to empty your breast, which is what your body needs to learn to make more milk. HTH. Keep up the good work mama! You're a trooper!

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