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Thread: Niagara Falls-the good & the bad!

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    Default Niagara Falls-the good & the bad!

    Okay, last night DS fell asleep at around 7pm on me as he usually does. For the past few months DH and I have traded off holding him on the boppy while he sleeps until I go to bed. I've been agonizing trying to come up with a way I could get him to sleep in his bed. Shortly, after he fell asleep on me I had to go to the bathroom. In the past if I got up and put him in the cosleeper he would have woken up shortly after and I'd have to nurse him to sleep again. I had to go so bad that I put him in his cosleeper expecting the worst. To our surprise he slept all the way thru the night until 6am this morning! I was freaking out all night because everytime I'd open my eyes his legs kicked the blanket away and I had him in short onesie. I touched his legs and they were cold. Also, the thought of the blanket possibly covering his face was driving me mad. I kept touching him to make sure he was breathing. I should have been happy he slept so long but I just wanted to pick him up and hold him. On top of it I had a weird baby dream. I'll put that in another post. As soon as he woke I eagerly nursed him. I figured since he slept so long he was hungry so I nursed him on the other side w/o burping him. He was happy as can be-well slept and fed.
    We all cuddled in bed for a while-hubbys first time in bed for months! I got up and picked up DS. All the milk he ingested came pouring out of him-not once but about 5 times. It looked like a waterfall of milk. More like the amount that would come out of an adult not a 4 month old. Everything was drenched -DS, me, the bed etc. Thank god for mattress pads! What a mess! I could not believe that this much came out of him. I was stressing thinking he was sick then DH reminded me I had 12 hrs of milk stored up!! All the while DS was as happy as can be. He got hungry a little while after we got cleaned up and is nursing again so I'm praying it was a one time occurence. I guess I should have pumped the second side. Anyone have this happen to them? He has slept 8-9 hrs but never 12.

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    Default Re: Niagara Falls-the good & the bad!

    Oh yes! Every time I try to nurse lying down and don't get a burp in time! Sounds like the LO just had a little too much to eat too fast! Happened to us a lot with the bottle of EBM at first until we realized that she didn't need so much. I just remind myself that they say that it looks like more than it really is!

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