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Thread: What else can I do???

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    Default What else can I do???

    My DD is almost 5 months and I have returned to work, I have never been able to pump enough milk to have a backup in the freezer. I can only pump maybe 6 oz a day and she usually takes two 4 oz bottles while I am away. I have tried fenugreek, increasing my H2o intake and i have not seen a difference. I have had to supplement on the "bad" days with formula, I really hate to have to do that. I have read on these boards that oatmeal can also help, if so what kind? I hope that it comes in a form of a bar or something because i really dont like the texture, but if it will help I will try anything. Please give me some advice. By the way, when I am with my DD she nurses fine, the problem is when I am away.

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    Tahini works for me (especially in its concentrated form, that is halva which you can find at stores selling Middle Eastern food). Also pumping with a hospital grade pump might help. Good luck!

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    I've never been able to pump much. When DD eats milk flows out of her mouth and she gulps and gulps and sometimes almost chokes so I know that she is getting enough. For some reason, pumping just doesn't have the same effect and I can never get much milk. That does nothing to help your situation I realize but maybe it is more of a pumping problem than a supply problem? Just a thought.

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    does she eat alot at night?
    sometimes babies will reverse cycle when with mom, and nurse more at night.

    call a your local lll leader she can help!

    what are your work hours like, can you add more pumping?
    or add more feeds when you and baby are together?

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