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Thread: offering the breast too often?

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    Default offering the breast too often?

    This sounds silly, but I'm not sure when to and when not to offer the breast. I feel like I offer it every time she cries...and she takes it like there's no tomorrow. But sometimes the cries are from overtiredness so I try rocking, singing, shhing, pacing, but nothing works till I give in to her and offer the breast. And she'll take it for 5 mins then passes out.

    I don't want her getting in the habit of snacking and snoozing. Also don't want the breast to be the only soothing mechanism. what can i do?

    PS the 5 S's don't seem to work on her.

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    Default Re: offering the breast too often?

    i always offered and ds always took it too.....but now that he is older he definately refuses if he isnt interested....at first i was worried about him falling asleep while eating and then i really enjoyed it...it made him so happy just to snuggle and be comfortable and it made me happy to rest lol! he doesnt really do that anymore either! even at bedtime, he will nurse and then pull off and lay with his eyes open looking around for a few minutes before he falls asleep....
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    Default Re: offering the breast too often?

    how old is your baby?
    I found that one of my babies was very high needs and it took me a long time to get to know him something like 3 months my others were not so high needs and I felt like I knew them much sooner.
    IF your baby is under six weeks you cann't offer the breast too much.
    they are still at that age trying to build up your milk supply.
    Dr sears has great stuff on his web site about calming babies.

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