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    So, now my 9 day old DS and I have got our BF down (thanks to help I found on here) and he's gaining weight nicely and happy and healthy. I am hoping to keep this up but I know returning to work in 4-6 weeks. My DH will be taking care of him until he starts work in July.

    My job has long hours, to put it mildly. I'm an intern which means as many as 80 hours per week. I have lots of questions since I want this relationship to last even when I'm back at work.

    1. What can I do now for DS to store BM?
    2. How should it work when I go back and my hours can be from 6:30am - 5pm or as late as 11pm or until noon the next day? Is putting the BM in a cooler reasonable as "refrigeration"?
    3. WHERE am I going to pump? I can pump in the car on the way to work or to clinic when I go off-site. But where can I find a quiet place in the hospital where I won't have to answer pages every 5 minutes? Is it reasonable to ask DH to bring DS in once during the day to nurse when he's so young and can be exposed to god knows what?

    Any help you can give me now so I can help my DS down the line would be greatly appreciated! I'm sure I'm not the first to go through this, and I won't be the last! I know plenty of residents that are moms, I just don't know any that BF successfully...

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    first, congratulations on being a new mom!
    1. i would start to pump now right after every feeding so that you have a good amount stash away in the freezer. i started pumping a couple of days after my milk came in and i would pump 15-20 mins. after i feed the baby. do you have a double pump? that would require less time...
    2. milk that is stored in a cooling box is usually good for 12 hours. that's what the manual for my pump says but you can double check that. or is there a refrigerator that you could perhaps use if longer.

    3. certain hospital promote lactation and there's a place that moms can go to pump. can you check your hospital to see what is available? if not, maybe pump in the car. i have never tried pumping in the car so can't offer much...

    HTH and good lucK!!!

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    Thanks for the advice! I just pumped an hour after feeding DS and got 2 ounces! I'm going to keep doing that and storing away now...I bought the backpack PIS anticipating that I would need a portable device upon my return.

    I asked before discharge about a pumping room as there are several nurses that want a place to go as well. They said not yet, but they're working on it , which means not before I leave in 6 months. The other hospital I work at is a veteran's hospital and has no allowances for that female stuff.

    I can't actually go to my car during the day unless I'm in transit somewhere else. I can probably convince some nurses to let me use their refrigerator if I have it in a discreet container. They were VERY good to me when I was pregnant. The old battle between docs and nurses did not affect me at all - they saved me multiple times and I tried to return the favor. I will also try and see if I can snatch up one of the old call rooms not made into an office for pumping and ask if I can leave midday lecture early to pump. I might even be able to steal a phone for calls.

    One time when I was in the Ob emergency room I was tied monitors and on the phone answering pages - it was a Kodak moment and I forsee myself doing it again when I return...

    Thankfully this is only until July when I go to a new hospital with less work hours. I just have to make it until then.

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    Keep up the good work on pumping a big stash before you go back! That will help a lot.
    There has got to be a room in the hospital where you can pump, even just an empty exam room, patient room, or something! That's crazy that they are not more accomodating in a hospital. I don't even work at the hospital, but when I was there for my DH's surgery last year I had to pump and they found me an empty exam room.
    Or, if there is a nice single-person handicapped restroom with an outlet that doesn't get a lot of use, that might be a possibility.
    I would also recommend following up with your nurse buddies on the refrig, or have your DH come and pick up the cooler midday (and leave another).


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